Applying the science of exercise for

The ExerScience Clinic is the first medically-focused exercise rehabilitation clinic of its kind in New Zealand.

Based in Grafton, Auckland, this very exciting addition to Auckland’s medical facilities bridges the gap between intervention and independence.

The ExerScience helps to improve health outcomes, longevity and quality of life in individuals with chronic health conditions, through the application of evidence-based exercise protocols and gold-standard measurements.

It uses the latest testing and exercise equipment available managed by a team of qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologists – CEPs.

The CEPs prescribe specific exercise programmes for each individual, then monitor and encourage progress every step of the way to achieving good health and independence.

The ExerScience Clinic offers exercise rehabilitation for individuals with cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, immunology, metabolic and musculoskeletal patients, as well as prehabilitation and preventative exercise programmes.

What We Do

The ExerScience Clinic delivers individually prescribed exercise programmes based on scientific evidence for people with chronic health conditions or injuries.

All programmes are developed using gold-standard measurements and all exercise sessions are monitored and supervised by highly trained clinical staff.


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Who we can help

We now have clear evidence of the positive impact of exercise on a number of specific health issues including substantial reductions in the risk of disease recurrence and death. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following.

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Our Services

1. Rehabilitation

2. Prehabilitation

3. Testing / checkups


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