What We Do

The ExerScience Clinic delivers individually prescribed exercise programmes for people with chronic health conditions or injuries. 


All programmes are developed using gold-standard measurements and all exercise sessions are monitored and supervised by highly trained clinical staff to provide the highest levels of safety.


Clients use a range of sophisticated cardiovascular, aerobic and strength training apparatus to complete individualised exercise programmes designed to specifically improve a wide range of medical conditions and encourage the return of good health and independence.


In NZ, there have been few rehabilitative programmes offered to patients when they are newly diagnosed or discharged. The ExerScience Clinic has been established to bridge that gap.

Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP) - The Science of Exercise

The clinical exercise physiology profession is well established in Australia, the US, Canada and South Africa but is only just emerging in NZ.

Recognising its potential here, a number of tertiary institutions have developed courses in Clinical Exercise Physiology to meet the growing trend for this as an alternative therapy after intervention which is not presently being answered.

CEPs complete a 2 year post-graduate degree which equips them to apply the science of exercise to improve health outcomes. CEPs learn how to accurately assess, interpret and monitor clinical signs, symptoms and measurements  such as ECG, expired gas analysis, spirometry and hemodynamics to monitor fitness of patients across a wide range of medical conditions. Based on that information, they can then prescribe appropriate and safe exercise programmes designed to reduce the risk of disease and to rehabilitate patients.

A professional body - Clinical Exercise Physiology NZ Inc. (CEPNZ), was established in 2013 in New Zealand to help guide the new profession’s development. This body conducts competency examinations throughout the country. Clinical Exercise Physiologists are also now included in the National Directors of Allied Health approved health professions list.

The Team

All of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists at the clinic have attained degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology and are registered with CEPNZ. Clinical Exercise Physiologists have over 600+ hours of clinical experience.

All clinic staff also have current advanced life support certifications. The clinic has strict safety protocols including angina and cardiac arrest protocols and a listed St John emergency plan.

Avyn Rowlands

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Ave is passionate about the outdoors and strives to educate his clients to take ownership of their exercise routine in a self-monitored manner.

Sarah Peek

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Sarah loves helping educate and guide people towards leading a more physically active lifestyle, particularly focusing on the benefits of strength training for muscle retention and growth as we age

Aalia Desai

Acting Clinic Manager
Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Aalia is extremely passionate about increasing her clients confidence to exercise safely following a major health event/diagnosis due to the well known benefits on their longevity and physical and mental well-being.

Jaimee Brown

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Jaimee has a fervent desire to continually educate others on the associated benefits of exercise on ones health.

Eleanor Nattrass

Clinic Manager (Currently on parental leave)
Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Ellie enjoys educating individuals on behavioural lifestyle change, with particular interest in exercise rehabilitation for metabolic conditions.