Our Services

The ExerScience Clinic predominantly provides its services in conjunction with an individual’s GP, healthcare provider or specialist referral.

At the first appointment, all clients are assessed for their risk factors for CVD, pulmonary or metabolic disease, neurological disorders, immune or musculoskeletal conditions and an appropriate plan of exercise developed from there.

Our programme options are flexible to suit your needs, therefore it is best to contact us to discuss how we can best help you. The ExerScience Clinic offers a free introductory consultation which provides a great opportunity for you to see the clinic and discuss our programme options.

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Our rehabilitation services cover a wide range of medical conditions and chronic illnesses.

Initially you will meet with a CEP for a consultation and exercise testing. Following this each individual is prescribed an exercise regime suitable to their state of health, managed and monitored throughout to ensure constant progress at the appropriate level. The ExerScience Clinic offers full rehabilitation programmes which range from 18-36 supervised exercise sessions and include follow up testing to monitor your progress. You also have the option to 'build your own' programme which allows you to choose the number of supervised sessions you would like.

The desired outcome is to achieve the independence and confidence to maintain levels of fitness and changes in lifestyle that have beneficial health effects.


There is increasing evidence of the benefits of total body pre-hab programs prior to surgery and other interventions.

Various reviews and studies have found that pre-operative exercise can impact positively on post-operative outcomes across a wide range of musculoskeletal operations; with positive improvements in the range and speed at which physical function returns as well as reductions in post-op pain and length of hospital stay.

Our services therefore include a range of pre-hab programmes as are appropriate to your specific condition and in consultation with your specialist.


Because we have the relevant testing equipment and gold-standard measurements to ascertain levels of wellness and fitness we provide stand alone testing services which allow you to rate your present state of health and what can be done to improve this. We can then if appropriate prescribe suitable courses of exercise.

As part of all our rehabilitation programmes we will also offer follow-up regular follow-up assessments.