The ExerScience Process

These steps illustrate the process you will experience for the 12-week comprehensive program. Other packages will include selected components from below.



Initial consultation with a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) to discuss medical history, heart health and risk factor management.


At this time you will undergo a range of tests such as an exercise stress test with 12-lead ECG and blood pressure monitoring. This provides us with information for your exercising risk factors, signs and symptoms. Cholesterol, blood sugar tests and lung function tests will be carried out for those indicated. Body composition, strength and function assessments will also be arranged.


A CEP will then prescribe an individualised cardio, strength and flexibility exercise program.


You undertake 12 weeks of exercise, ideally three times a week, supervised by our CEPs, who will monitor normal and abnormal responses to exercise. Education seminars will be held throughout the duration of your program.


Exercise sessions progress as you improve with integration into the neighbouring BodyTech gym at around wks 6-8, as appropriate. This is important as it will allow you to become comfortable within a normal gym environment. You’ll still receive the same level of monitoring by a CEP as within the Clinic.


12-week retest of all baseline measures. We then develop a progressive exercise prescription written to enable you to continue exercise outside of the clinic.


We also recommend an annual ‘WOF’- comparison of all measures previously taken to encourage a longer-term adherence to an active lifestyle, that will maintain the benefits achieved. At this time we develop your ongoing exercise prescription.